Section Euro DNL EPS Terminale

Programme de la DNL EPS Terminale

Séquence 1 : First A.I.D

Jungle people with almost no heart problemsJungle people with almost no heart problems (217.5 Ko)


 links-1.doc links-1.doc   Liste de liens interressants sur le thème de Body Systems.              



Séquence 2 : Health and Fitness

Fitness test guide

Health screening and fitness testingHealth screening and fitness testing (83 Ko)


A healthy lifestyleA healthy lifestyle (1.54 Mo)


The Personal Trainer Webquest



Séquence 3 :International Sport 

 GlossarytrinityGlossarytrinity (54.5 Ko)  Vocabulary list.




Heathly life style


Ask the right questionstudentaAsk the right questionstudenta (56.5 Ko)

Ask the right questionstudentbAsk the right questionstudentb (56 Ko)