Section Euro DNL EPS Première

Programme de la DNL première

Le programme de la DNL EPS première est axé sur :  Sport in Society


SportSport (37.5 Ko)


Séquence 1

Sport to over pass yourself


Sequence : Extreme Sports

Xtremesports1ereXtremesports1ere (676 Ko)


Extreme sport webquest :

SkydivingSkydiving (198.5 Ko)


Séquence 2


SportsdrugsSportsdrugs (571.5 Ko)

Drugs in sportdiscussionDrugs in sportdiscussion (76 Ko)



Séquence 3    

Deviance in Sport



Lesson one :

discriminationlesson1.doc discrimination1.doc  discrimination-in-sport.ppt discrimination-in-sport.ppt    discrimination-in-sport.doc discrimination-in-sport.doc   Lesson 5 web searchingLesson 5 web searching (133.5 Ko)

Lesson 2 :

sex-controversy-1.doc sex-controversy-1.doc


* webquest  sport and money*Sport and Money    moneycartoons.doc moneycartoons.doc    Evaluation sport and money  evaluation-sportandmoney.doc evaluation-sportandmoney.doc


Ask the right question

Ask the right questionstudenta 1Ask the right questionstudenta 1 (34.5 Ko)

Ask the right questionstudentb 1Ask the right questionstudentb 1 (34.5 Ko)