Rugby vs Soccer

In our soccer vs rugby article we ask, which game is the biggest, which game is the best, and which players earn the most money? We also ask which players are fitter and stronger and whether one game is more accessible and easier to play than the other.


join a rugby club because first, the rugby players are more courageous than football players in fact when rugby player is injured, he wants to continue but in football there are lot of simulation. Then, there are inegality indeed the world cup in football is more famous and in Tv there are more football match. Afterwards, in football there are too simulation. Next, it's more respectful. The rugby players are morerespectful with the referee, the supporters. And, they are more training and they work more than football players. But finally there are less paid and they must have more.

Huyghe Adèle, Marine Verhassel

We can't choose beetween rugby and football becaus football and rugby is more different.
There are more rules in rugby, football is easier than rugby.
The football player are paid too much.
The rugby is more violent and dangerous than football.
The rugby player can use her foot and her hand but football player use only her foot.

  • Hus Adèle- Magnez Caroline


Football is better than rugby because it's a world sport, you can talk about Football with a lot of people. Then, it's less dangerous than rugby because in rugby you can tackle. It's more popular so we can watch more football match. Finaly, you can play football everywhere because the rules are simple.

Louis Desreumaux et Romain Liagre


The rules of football is most simple, it’s more simple to play football, you can play anywhere if you havé à ball. It’s more popular then rugby. The football is less violent then rugby because there are less contact.

Louise Cretel Anaëlle Delannoy